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Delete Orders

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Compatible with: Magento® 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


With Delete Orders for Magento® 2, clean the sales database quickly and easily. The extension will automatically delete:

  • The orders that you have selected
  • Orders, one by one
  • Linked invoices
  • All the data linked to the orders

Compatible with: Magento® 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


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What is it for?

Delete orders quickly and massively to facilitate the maintenance of optimized databases. The installation of the extension is simple, and can be ready for use in the Magento® 2 back-office in just a few minutes.

Main characteristics of the extension

For the administrator

  • Delete orders quickly and massively
  • Select the orders to be deleted
  • Automatically remove invoices and other data linked to orders.

Additional services included in the extension

updates and upgrades

three-month support

easy refund

How does it work?


Install the extension and go to: Stores> Settings> Senddo Extensions> Delete Orders

Configure the order statuses that can be deleted from the order list.


If you do not select one or more order statuses so that they can be deleted, when we try to delete the content, an error message will appear.


Then go to: Sales> Orders

From the list of orders you can delete orders by selecting the records you want to delete and from the drop-down list of actions, choose Delete Orders.


A pop-up window will appear, click OK


A notification will appear at the top of your administrator indicating that your orders have been removed from Magento® 2.


You can also delete a single order by clicking Delete Order directly in the order view.

If the deleted order was linked to any invoice or refund, these will also be deleted.