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Promote a genuine and innovative strategy that faithfully represents the personality and position of your ecommerce

Web Analytics

The definition and evaluation of ecommerce metrics is a fundamental task for investment decision making. This represents a significant technological challenge due to the growing volume of available data. We use novel statistical and econometric techniques. These techniques facilitate the analysis of data, its visualization and its interpretation, and help us to initiate a dialogue between the justification of the investment and the evaluation of the results of digital marketing strategies and actions.

Digital marketing

We find patterns in the data resulting from studies conducted through web analytics tools. These patterns constitute a resource of great value for the election of channels, the estimation of investments and the evaluation of impacts. We design digital marketing actions based on the analysis, visualization and interpretation of said data. The above allows the implementation of specific and effective strategies for each segment.

SEO optimization

We use advanced techniques designed to make your web content readable and attractive to search engines.

SEA optimization

We identify opportunities to increase traffic and the conversion of your ecommerce through payment resources, complementary to the optimization function of organic positioning in search engines: SEO.