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Trust the platform employed by most demanding
ecommerce specialists

Magento is Adobe (since 2018) open source technology.

Magento continues to dominate as the most popular ecommerce platform with 30% market share.

It easily integrates with most payment methods.

It easily integrates with CRM and ERPs.

It combines market and programming perspectives.

It is highly scalable and specially designed for highly customized projects.

It improves organic positioning

It boasts the largest community of implementation partners and developers in the world (400.000 developers), who guarantee its continuous development.

Install flexible, customizable and constantly evolving management tools

Odoo is an open source technology.

It has 2 million international users belonging to both small and large companies.

It boasts a large community of more than 2.000 developers, who guarantee its continuous development.

It includes a growing number of free applications which simplify business management, such as sales, project management, accounting administration, etc.